Friday, December 3, 2010

Regarding Covestor Performance

The performance shown on the left represents my open positions in my brokerage account and do not reflect performance of trading solely on the model I show here. I regret not following the model precisely and I have opened a new Covestor account that I'll be activating the first trading day of Jan 2011, when I will be trading this system only, and that will reflect how an account can actually do trading the system. The reason for my current positions goes beyond the scope of the odds predictions on a daily basis and represent my own "executive decision" about where I want my money right now. The draw down is bad but I think it will be ok in the end since "Dow Leads" confirmed that the market will break below 1170. I'll re-adjust my thinking if I see evidence that I'm wrong or the draw down gets too bad.

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