Thursday, November 18, 2010

Covestor Tracking & Hypothetical Portfolio

I will be starting a covestor account, which maps directly to my brokerage account to see all the trades I entered using this system in the real world. As a way to get started before that sets up, I'm going to post a hypothetical 10K portfolio and show exactly how much would be made or lost based on the trades I entered. I will be mostly doing a simple buy/sell on close strategy, but my decision for when to exit will be my own based on profit targets, so it's somewhat arbitrary in that sense. There may be times I do something different than a simple buy/sell on close strategy based on something I see in the data or in other indicators. It will keep me even more honest, and hopefully I'll do ok. Too bad I didn't take that long trade yesterday. That would have been 5% today in a 3x ETF.

Stay tuned...

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