Monday, October 18, 2010

Dow Industrial Forecast as of 10/15/2010

The projections are swing projections based on the best historical analogies.

White = actuals
Red = 2 period analog prediction
Green = 3 period analog prediction
Purple = 4 period analog prediction
Orange = 5 period analog prediction

Where the multiple period projections generally agree on direction, it is possible the market will move in that direction. Although it is highly unlikely the forecast will be hit on the nose, if a majority of forecasts point up, there's a good chance the market will close higher in the coming days.

Ignore the dates at the bottom. They are simply adding 1 day to the current trading date. The important thing is that each point represents the next day of trading.

We have a strong match to 6/15/1956. Both the 4 & 5 period test came up with the same (orange).

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